Gauteng Travel Academy is happy to announce that applications are open for our National Certificate in General Travel NQF 5

Closing date for applications: 18 October 2018


  • Carefully read the qualifying criteria and follow the instructions on how to apply. 
  • Please note that any incorrect applications will not be accepted into the next stage of the application process.


Thank you,

GTA Management.












Exit Level Outcomes:

This qualification consists of 10 Clusters that make up 23 modules -

Cluster 1: Induction

Unit ID 7799 - Maintain a Safe Working Environment

Unit ID 7800 - Health, Safety & a Professional Appearance


Cluster 2: Introduction to Tourism and the role of travel services

Unit ID 7935 - Analyse Tourism Industry and the links between the various sectors

Unit ID 7937 - Describe the world from a travel perspective

Unit ID 7782 - Analyse a business and the way it functions


Cluster 3: South Africa as a Tourism Destination

Unit ID 7944 - Demonstrate Knowledge of South Africa as a travel destination

Unit ID 7941 - Access information on Travel Products and Services


Cluster 4: Computers and Business Technology

Unit ID 7786 - Operate a computer

Unit ID 7785 - Function in a business environment


Cluster 5: Galileo

Unit ID - Galileo Full Reservations Course


Cluster 6: Accommodation, Support and Transport Services

Unit ID 7940 - Advise customers on Travel Entry Documents and assist with application

Unit ID 7938 - Land Travel and Accommodation


Cluster 7: Air Travel and Procedures

Unit ID 7936 - Analyse Airport and Custom Systems

Unit ID 7939 - Book and Issue Documentation for Point to Point Air Travel

Unit ID 7700 - Provide a Collection and Delivery Service


Cluster 8: Finance

Unit ID 7942 - Demonstrate basic FOREX transactions and FOREX conversions

Unit ID 7788 - Process Payments


Cluster 9: Telephone Techniques

Unit ID 7790/7663 - Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls/ Handling mail and messages

Unit ID 7794 - Communicate verbally

Unit ID 7784 - Communicate in a Business Environment

Cluster 10: Customer Service and Selling Skills

Unit ID 7791 -Display Cultural Awareness in Dealing with Customers and Colleagues

Unit ID 14734 - Deal with Customers

Unit ID 7787 - Sell Products and Services



For more information, please refer to our news section where all admission pertaining to this qualification will be provided. Alternatively, Contact us at 012 424 4666 and ask for Natalie, our Training Coordinator.