Learnerships Vs Internships: What's the difference?

Posted 08 Mar 2016




Learnerships Vs Internships: What's the difference?


Gauteng Travel Academy has successfully hosted learnership programmes since 2008. Our National certificate in General Travel is widely recognised throughout the Travel & Tourism industry with full CATHSETTA accreditation.

A lot of people confuse the two; some even confuse learnerships with a bursary or with a scholarship. They are not the same.

Please read below to help understand the difference between a learnership and an internship.


A learnership according to the Skills Development Act (No. 97 of 1998) consists of:

"A structured learning programme" that is usually in the form of an accredited qualification and must include "practical work experience". A learnership requires a binding learnership agreement between the employer, the provider of the learnership (GTA) and the learner.


GTA does have specific application criteria that apply namely:

  • A learner applying for a learnership at GTA must not have studied any degree/ diploma or national certificate beforehand or have worked in any Job
  • The requirements however is the learner applying should have passed his/ her Matric -grade 12 or is currently in the process of finishing grade 12.
  • Only applicants that are between the ages of 18-25 are considered.
  • These are the rules brought forward by CATHSETTA to help individuals obtain a qualification that do not have the opportunity to study further.


An Internship: 

  • Is an agreement between the learner (intern) and the employer.
  • Internships are a workplace programme where a person with a certain qualification is placed into the programme to get vital workplace experience.
  • GTA does not facilitate with any internship programme and does not have any agreements with agencies to help in providing work to candidates that are seeking employment.